Why Get An Angel Tattoo Or Tribal Tattoo Design?

Why Get An Angel Tattoo Or Tribal Tattoo Design?

Why Do YOU Tattoo?

People representing all walks of life choose to tattoo, but like snowflakes, no two tattooing “stories” are the same.

For instance, many individuals decide to tattoo as a result of a major life event. They get divorced, get married, have a child, start a relationship, graduate from college, or lose a precious loved one. As an outward depiction of their inner emotions (which may be either positive or negative), they add a new dimension to their bodies in the form of tattoo designs.

However, not all tattoos are the culmination of a tragedy or exciting experience. Some are simply a fun reminder of a “what the heck” moment. On vacation, a couple is walking by a tattoo parlor and they spot fun tattoo designs displayed in the window. Eyebrows raised and smiling slyly, they look at one another… and walk into the tattoo shop to do something “outrageous” and utterly spontaneous. In an hour, they come out; grinning from ear-to-ear and sporting twin tattoos… something they might never have done had they been at home.

Another common reason for tattoos is the influence of alcoholic beverages. It’s no secret that many tattoos are the result of a night visiting bars or partying with friends. Usually, the person who awakens with a headache and a beautiful tattoo design is bewildered at first (and perhaps a little angry with him- or herself), but the tattoo usually becomes a great conversation starter.

Finally, there are numerous people of both genders who tattoo to make a statement about themselves and the world around them. They tattoo in unusual places – their faces, their upper necks, and their genitalia. Or they pick tattoo designs that are political or emotional in nature, intended to “shock” the folks who see them. For these guys and gals, tattoos are much more than decorations.

So… why do YOU tattoo?