Where Should You Place Your Eagle Tattoo?

Where Should You Place Your Eagle Tattoo?

There are plenty of factors that go into getting a tattoo, including where your tattoo belongs on your body. To help you determine where the best spot to sport your newest or first tattoo design, answer the questions below.

1. Do you want your tattoo to be visible?

“Yes” – Then the sky’s the limit for where your tattoo can be. An ankle, neck, wrist, or foot is fair game for your tattoos.

“No” – Consider what you’ll be wearing the majority of the time. A corporate gal? Don’t get a tattoo on your lower leg, as it will be visible while wearing suits.

2. How big of a tattoo do you want?

“Huge!” – If you want a large tattoo, you’ll need to make sure you pick a place on your body that has adequate space, such as your chest or back.

“Medium-sized… but Definitely on the Bigger Size!” – You may want to consider the stomach, buttocks, or upper thighs for tattoo designs of this size.

“Small to Miniscule!” – You can put your tattoo anywhere on your body, right down to your pinkie finger! My friend even has one on his inner finger that is a mustache design.

3. What kind of a tattoo are you planning to get?

“Something Crazy!” – If you have a unique tattoo, that’s wonderful… but only if it won’t interfere with your work life or business expectations. Be selective.

“Something Middle-of-the-Road” – General tattoos can be placed wherever appropriate; just make sure that you have enough room and that the tattoo “fits” with your body part and shape.

“Something Dainty” – Often, women like to place smallish tattoos on feminine parts of their bodies, such as their bosoms, stomachs, or upper buttocks.

The more planning you put into your tattoo, the happier you are likely to be with the results. Spend a little time deciding where you want your tattoo designs to be, and chances are you’ll be showing it off for many decades to come.