Small Tattoos, Big Appeal

Small Tattoos, Big Appeal

Small tattoos can have big appeal for a variety or reasons. They are a great way for first-timers to find out what tattooing is all about; they are ideal for masking an unattractive blemish or scar; they can usually be completed in under an hour; and, because they are easily hidden, they are perfect for those work for anti-tattoo employers.

Small tattoos can give those with a rebellious streak an opportunity to express their individuality. Many professional women have the smalls of their backs decorated with small tattoos which are only visible when they are out enjoying some night life. Others have small tattoos on their wrists, where they can be hidden by a watch or bracelet during the day.

Small tattoos are ideal for those women who like to feel just a bit like they could walk on the wild side and not lose their way; men may also opt for small tattoos which let them be weekend warriors, while they are confined to suits and ties for hours at a time in their offices.

But if you are considering a small tattoo, you will need to put as much thought into its design as you would that of a large one. The first thing you should do is get a ruler and look at the difference between a one inch, two inch, and three inch tattoo. While none of them sounds very large, if you draw circles with those diameters, you’ll get a good idea of how much larger a three inch tattoo is than a one inch tattoo.

You need to have a clear idea of the size you want for you small tattoo before you can decide where to place it. Small tattoos will appear larger or smaller depending on their location; the same two inch tattoo which is unobtrusive on a shoulder blade can be very noticeable on an ankle.

Whey you choose a small tattoo design you will probably have to sacrifice details for space. Small tattoos simply cannot incorporate all the intricacies of larger ones, and will quickly become so crowded that none of their details can be appreciated. The simpler a small tattoo design, the better.

Another reason you should keep a small a tattoo simple is that a tattoo is going to be a permanent addition to your skin. Because tattoo inks tend to “migrate” as the years pass, having a very elaborate small tattoo can lead to its inks blending together so that all its definition is lost.

If you see a large tattoo design which you think you can’t live without, ask your tattoo artist if it is scaleable. There are some designs which can be successfully downsized, but again you should stay with simple ones, so that their details don’t get squashed together when the design is scaled down.

Fortunately, there are plenty of large tattoo designs which lend themselves to being downsized; sunbursts, crosses, roses, butterflies, dolphins, stars, skulls, and tribal or geometric tattoos work equally well as large or small tattoos!