Pre-tattoo Considerations- Find Your Next Tattoo Design

Pre-tattoo Considerations- Find Your Next Tattoo Design

Are you planning on getting a tattoo? Congratulations! Tattoos can be an ideal way to showcase a hobby, show off your love for someone, or just give onlookers a bit of a show! However, you’ll need to make a few pre-tattoo considerations, including:

Where Will Your Tattoo Be?

Make sure you know where you want your tattoo before entering the tattoo parlor. Think it out carefully, as where you place your tattoo can be just as important as what it looks like.

What Kind of Tattoo Will You Choose?

Are you going to walk into the tattoo shop with an image or idea for tattoo designs? Or are you going to leave it up to the tattoo artist to make suggestions? Obviously, it’ll be easier for him or her if you have a thought, but most tattoo professionals will gladly help you decide.

Which Tattoo Artist Will You Use?

If this is your first tattoo or you’re getting a tattoo in a new town, ask for referrals from people! Check out others’ tattoos and find out where they got them done. That way, you can be assured that you’ll be getting a decent tattoo pro and not a fly-by-night tattooist who hasn’t interned properly. Don’t just pick someone out of the Yellow Pages, either. If you can’t get references, walk into many tattoo shops and ask questions. By doing so, you’ll find a tattooist that fits the bill.

Are You Planning on Losing Weight?

Finally, remember that your skin will definitely stretch as you gain and lose weight. So if you’re planning on dropping a significant amount of pounds, you may want to wait to get your tattoo, especially if it will be on skin surrounding fat. Tattoos that droop just don’t look polished and may have to constantly be retouched or removed. So be pragmatic; you can wait a couple more months to have a terrific tattoo to go along with your new body shape!